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Here’s the answer to all your long-term food storage and prepping needs!

Wise Company Foods is the industry leader in long-term food storage. Made from REAL FOOD and not some chemically generated pseudo-foods, this is the real stuff; just add water. Dehydrated so it retains its taste and calories, freshness, and life sustaining qualities.

Wise Company Food is packaged in easy to prepare pouches that are sealed in storage buckets. Keep a few buckets on hand for power outages, natural disasters or civil unrest. Buy ’em cheap and stack ’em deep for long term prepping. Shelf life of 15-25 years!

…and it’s delicious!

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120 Serving Dinners, 120 Serving Breakfasts, 120 Serving Milk, 60 Serving Meats, 144 Serving Eggs


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